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                        Don't Just Walk On By

            You may not remember, it happened so long ago.
                       One cold December day in the snow
                   I was walking. I was as cold as could be.
                   You were sitting on a bench staring at me.
                      When I passed you, you looked down.
                               I smiled and looked around.
                    I fell in love with you at very first sight.
            It was the kind of love neither of us could fight.
                       I never stopped, just walked on by.
          It's times like this I wish I hadn't and here's why:
                     I never saw you again after that day.
       And though I didn't even meet you, I still love you anyway.
                    I wish I would have stopped to talk to you,
      Because you're constantly on my mind, believe that's true.                                                                                                   
                     If I would have stopped then maybe by now,
                        We would have recited our wedding vows.
                   If ever you see someone and can't help but stare,
You better stop and talk because you might never see him again anywhere.

by Brandi Garcia